Getting to Know Tera Moody

Photo of Tera Moody
© Victah Sailer, PhotoRun
With less than 60 days until the U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Marathon learn more about one of the contenders in the women’s race, Tera Moody. Visit for more information.

Resides: Colorado Springs, Colo.
Born: December 18, 1980
College: University of Colorado
Degree: Journalism
26.2 PR: 2:30:53

Her advice to other runners dealing with injuries: Moody had foot surgery in February and was unable to run until June, but was able to bounce back and deliver a 2:32:04 marathon in August at the IAAF World Championships as the top-finisher for Team USA. Moody advises other runners to take off all of the time they need. Even if a doctor says you’ll be able to run in six weeks, sometimes it takes longer and you have to listen to your body.

Favorite World Championships race as a spectator: Women’s 1500m final to watch fellow Colorado Springs resident Jenny Simpson win the gold.
Photo of Tera Moody
Moody with her parents in traditional Korean dress

Her World experience: After placing as Team USA’s best finisher in the marathon, Moody fully enjoyed all that Daegu, South Korea, had to offer. Moody and the other marathon women  explored the city, went to the beach, ate weird food including daily snacks of purple corn on the cob from a local market. While she didn’t get sick during the trip, Moody erred on the side of caution and only indulged in exotic foods after her race.

Not having a countdown to the trials: Moody admits that the trials are already on her mind enough and she doesn’t have any special reminders or countdowns. Moody, who suffers from insomnia, jokes that she doesn’t need a reminder of the trials by her bed to make her anxious, she already has enough trouble falling asleep.

Least favorite cross-training activity: Moody says that she can’t last 10 minutes in the swimming pool and prefers to stick to the stationary bike.

Treadmill super-fan: Wile some runners avoid the treadmill, Moody loves running miles and miles on one. Moody uses the treadmill so much that she even noticed a huge spike in her power bill once she got a treadmill in her house. To save funds and be more social, Moody prefers to run on her gym’s treadmills.

Hidden talent: Reading while running. Moody doesn’t let the shallow magazine holders of the gym treadmill hold her back. With special preparations of her newspaper by section and a bag slipped onto the arm of her treadmill, Moody will go through a half dozen magazines and several issues of the New York Times in a single run. So far, the longest Moody has run on the treadmill is 25 miles.

Best part of being a marathoner: the race itself
Worst part of being a marathoner: trying to sleep the night after
If she could be an Olympian in another sport: table tennis
Run with music? no, but listens to Marathon Talk, news or real estate podcasts
Favorite post-race meal: Mexican food and a beer
Last song purchased: too long ago to remember
Last book read: Iron War: Dave Scott, Mark Allen & The Greatest Race Ever Run by Matt Fitzgerald
Wheels: silver Honda CRV
Mountains or beach? mountains