Getting to Know Stephanie Rothstein

Photo of Stephanie Rothstein
© Victah Sailer, PhotoRun  
With less than 60 days until the U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Marathon learn more about one of the top contenders in the women’s race, Stephanie Rothstein. Visit for more information.

Resides: Flagstaff, Ariz./Eugene, Ore.
Born: Manhattan, N.Y.
College: University of California, Santa Barbara
Degree: BS in Psychology
Coach: Greg McMillian
26.2 PR: 2:29.35

Special day on Jan. 14: Rothstein will turn 28 and run in the Olympic Team Trials - Marathon on the same day. She admits that her birthday plans are contingent on how the race goes, but it could be the best day ever.

Special treatment on race day: Rothstein plans to use her gold card at Starbucks pre-race to get her free birthday cup of coffee.

Photo of Olympic Rings
Rothstein's Olympic Reminder
Thinking of the trials: Thinks about them at least once a day. Both Stephanie and her fiance/pro-steeplechaser Ben Bruce made small cards with the Olympic Rings that hang above their bed.

Another date to look forward to: October 26, 2012 - Wedding date for Rothstein and Bruce. They will get married in her hometown of Phoenix. Could possibly be the largest gathering of distance runners in Phoenix outside of the annual  P.F. Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Half-Marathon.

Hidden talent: Had a reputation for making a mean batch of pancakes, but after discovering she had Celiac disease in 2009, she switched to a gluten-free lifestyle.

Best workout in the past 30 days: October 26 - Rothstein had the women’s team of Team USA Arizona start their steady state 8-10 mile run in Buffalo Park a little early. Turned out to be a wise move as the men’s team got stuck in a hail storm minutes after the women finished their cool downs.

Best part of being a marathoner: The insatiable hunger.
Worst part of being a marathoner: The insatiable hunger.
If she could be an Olympian in another sport: Gymnastics
Run with music? No.
Favorite post-race meal: Picky-Bar appetizer followed by a burger, fries and soda.
Tattoos? Yes, prostate cancer ribbon on lower back in memory of her father
Last song purchased: Usher’s “Without You”
Last book read: “The Girl Who Played with Fire” by Stieg Larsson
Wheels: White Toyota Solara
Mountains or beach? Mountains